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Pittsburgh Post-Gazzete, March 30, 2012. Freelance writer Joey Nolfi

The Penn. Friday, Dec. 4, 2009. Senior Staff Writer Angela Marie Woody

The Penn. Oct. 16, 2009. Contributing writer Sarah Morrow.

 Website:      Date:  10/12/09    Re: Lisa Larges, Speaker

  Website:   Date: 10/12/09    Re: Cindy Davis, LGBT Film Festival

Issue Date: 10/2/09    Section: News   Angie Marie Woody, Senior Staff Writer

Issue date: 4/17/09 Section: News Rachel Parker/Editor In Chief

Issue date: 4/3/09 Section: News Angie Marie Woody/Senior Staff Writer

Issue date: 9/19/08 Section: News THE PENN: Heather Blake/News Editor

Issue date: 4/4/08 Section: News  Laura Kingsbury/Editor In Chief

With the implementation of the new four-year contract in July, IUP faculty, managers and coaches gained the opportunity to apply for same-sex domestic partner benefits. For those who fought long and hard for recognition, this first appeared to be the exciting hurdle and monumental event they had been waiting for.

Issue date: 4/4/08 Section: The Penn Editorial

Beginning last semester, IUP began offering professors, managers and faculty same-sex domestic partner benefits. While this advancement speaks volumes about IUP’s progression in terms of human rights, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch – the annoying fine print no one seems to notice in the celebration of efforts finally rewarded.


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