The name and subtle mission directions of our organization have changed over time, but since 1973 here at IUP a visible and active student presence has advocated on behalf of the GLBT community.

Pride Alliance – October 7, 1999 to Current .

Renamed to include transgender issues

BiGALA – May 12, 1994 to October 6, 1999 .

Renamed to include bisexual individuals

GALA – September 1992 to May 12, 1994 .

New gay and lesbian student group

Students for Lesbian and Gay Rights -1986ish to ?

Students for Gay Rights (SGR) -1984-1986ish

IUP Students for Gay Rights – Fall 1977 to possibly Spring 1984?

Homophiles of IUP – 1973 to 1977

More to come…

If you have a story about Pride Alliance’s history, please feel free to post it in the comments below or email us!

WANTED: Student Historian for Pride Alliance

If you know of anyone who would be interested in researching and compiling a history of Pride Alliance, please let us know who!

  1. SGR (Students for Gay Rights) was around through 1984 or early 1985. Soon after it disbanded and for a brief time in 1986 or 1987 a new organization called SLGR (Students for Lesbian and Gay Rights) was formed and held court. I along with another student, Keith Chiodo founded it.

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