The claendar will be updated at the beginning of each month, for that month. Check back often!

Group Meetings:

Fall 2015

  • Every Thursday @7:00pm
  • In the Allegheny Room Located in the HUB


Pope: 4pm to 7pm


No Office Hours


Pope: 4pm to 7pm


 Pope:11 am to 3pm


No Office Hours

*If you need or want one officer in particular, then e-mail IUP Pride Alliance at to set up an appointment with that particular person.

  • By appointment- please feel free to email us and make one!
  • Regular Office hours change each semester and will be posted when available, please feel free to stop when we are open.
  1. i think this wbsite is a cool interactive for glbt students .as well as adults

  2. I hope this website will be updated in time to share this event. It’s for the Renaissance City Choir’s upcoming cabaret show, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!” at the Philadelphia Street Playhouse here in Indiana on Friday and Saturday, August 27 & 28. You can read more about the RCC at . Shows each night start at 7:30, and it’s not recommended for children under 12.

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