• Copies Plus 724-465-2679
  • HUB Copy Center 724-357-3831 (above the food court)
  • Laurel Printing and Copy 724-349-9420
  • ProPacket 724-357-8402  ,  1176 Grant St # 1120, Indiana, PA (University Square)
  • Storing your projects: Try your University H:Drive!


  • Campus Cable Marquee Channel
  • Publication in The BEAK
  • Table Tents- contact Aramark in Foster for HUB, FOSTER and FOLGER
  • Flyers- print and Distribute to Office of Housing (Suites on Ruddock..)
  • Campus Events: Campus-wide email. campus-event@iup.edu
  • Business cards
  • Tabling at the HUB (CoOp form needed- Ask Linda at Information Desk), or in the Oak Grove (special form needed from….who?)

Public Relations

How to get your letter to the editor printed in the local newspaperarticle

The Penn Contacts


  • DOODLE: An EASY Online Scheduling tool to poll your membership when they are available for meeings, events ect.  http://doodle.ch/about/doodle.html
  • CoOp Room Reservations: Linda Web, Rm 230 HUB Information Desk. 724-357-1320, ldwebb@iup.edu


  • S&S Screenprinting
    • 938 Oakland Ave., Indiana, PA (across the street from Elkin Hall)
    • 724-463-744

University Tools

  • Information Desk: top floor of the (HUB) Hadley Union Building at 724-357-2590, persons can provide you with various information on campus events, reservation of rooms in the HUB, etc.  If unsure whom to ask, e-mail IUP-HAWKS@iup.edu.
  • Co-Op Store Form: $50 or less- easy way to buy quick and small supplies with your Co-Op Budget- Ask for:______ whose office is through the door to the right of the HUB Info Desk.
  • New Student Organizations Want to get more involved in campus activities but aren’t interested in any of the organizations already recognized?  Then maybe you would be interested in beginning your own.  If so, contact the Center for Student Life, 104 Pratt Hall, at 724-357-2598.  You may not be the only one looking for something new to do on campus.



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