Pride Reminders (Please read me, I”m extremely important!)

Good day to you,

There will be a Pride Alliance meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM, in the Monongahela Room, in the HUB. At this meeting Pride will be playing LGBTQIAP+ Jeopardy.

There will also be a discussion about elections; yes, it is that time again. This is the reason why this e-mail is so important. Below are the constitutional requirements for candidacy, and the job descriptions of the respective positions. It is important to note that, constitutionally speaking, that only the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are elected positions; meaning that membership chair, and programming chair are appointed by the president, and approved by the voting members.

Candidacy requirements for all positions, all requirements must be met to run:

1. Must have paid dues, at least on week prior to elections, in order to fun for office.
2. Shall have completed at least one semester as a member if the organization and as a student of IUP.

3. Shall be enrolled as a student at IUP, during the terms of their office, and must retain a QPA of at least 2.2.

That being said, you need to be a paid member by the beginning of spring break to run for office.

Job requirements:

President: Shall preside over meetings, write and approve an agenda for said meetings, appoint committee chairpersons, and approve of all committee work. The president shall have the power to fill any vacancies that may occur among the executive board. The president is also responsible for formulating the objectives for the groups at the outset of the semester. All will be done in conjunction with membership approval.

Vice President: Shall initiate new committees, monitor committee work, and report said progress to the president and the membership. The vice president is responsible for the position of the president, in the president’s absence. The vice president handles the concerns that may arise from members, be it personal or group oriented. The vice president is also responsible for reserving rooms or meeting space, as needed.

Secretary: Shall record the minutes for each meeting, assist the president with any needed clerical work concerning the organization, maintain contact with all members through e-mail, and maintain the office space as needed.

Treasurer: Shall be responsible for preparing the semesterly Co-Op budget requests, collect dues, record all fiscal transactions, and monitor flow of the group’s revenue. The treasurer shall also be able to form a finance committee, if deemed appropriate.

Even though the following two positions are appointed, I have included their constitutional duties as well.


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