Reminders and Dinner

This e-mail is to serve two functions.
One: There will not be a meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Instead, I know that you will be hard at work studying for your finals; to which, I wish you best wishes.
Two: To transmit this message from the Indiana Cares Campaign:

We have booked Bruno’s (A restaurant on Philly. St.) on Wednesday December 12th at 6:00 PM for this years Christmas gathering. We will be in the wine cellar so if you have problems with steps you can enter from the back of the building there is only a couple steps down to the wine cellar.

You do not need to be 21 to eat here, but you must pay for your own food. Food costs range from $8 upwards to $35.

Thank you to everyone for their efforts to keep the Indiana Cares Campaign to End Homophobia a viable organization.

Happy Holidays,
Linda M. Cline

PS: Please RSVP to <indianacarescampaignby 5:00 PM on December 11th, if you are able to join us for dinner.

P.P.S.: Pride memebers, if you do not know where this is at, but still would like to go, contact Pride, and we can get a group together to go.

Pride Alliance Secretary


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