Final Pride Meeting of Fall 2012 (Please Read)

Hi all I just wanted to let you all know that our last meeting of the semester is being held in the normal place and time of the HUB Monongahela room at 7:00pm this Tuesday, but we will be doing two special events that we encourage you to participate in, we encourage you to come to this meeting even if you haven’t been to one yet this semester!

The first is our Pot Luck, linked HERE is a community list that you can use to post what you are bringing or see what is already being brought, please if you are bringing something use THE LIST so we can personally keep track of what is being brought. The items do not have to be made and can be store bought.

The second event is a white elephant gift exchange here is a WIKI LINK to see what this means, basically all you need to do is bring one wrapped/bagged (as long as we can’t tell what it is). To make this cheap on us as students we propose that you wrap something of yours that is no longer of use/value/interest to you (basically re-gift something), or if you do choose to do something store bought, please spend no more than $5

Even if you choose not to bring anything we still encourage you to come to the last meeting! You can still come and eat and we will have a few extra gifts so even thoughs who don’t bring a gift can still receive one but we do strongly encourage you to bring at least on of the two =) see you all Tuesday!!


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