Call for Suggestions: GLBT Film Festival

Hello all! I hope you all are enjoying the Summer months and the Summer heat. Indiana is a little rainy here, so today’s a good day to finally catch up with some blogging.


We have an exciting year coming up for Pride Alliance!

First, the new office is up and running- soon we will be hooked up to the internet and ready to rule the world from our little closet. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve moved across the hall- to a tight fit office #213 🙂  New slogan: “In the closet? You’ll feel right at home here!” heheehee. We’re now fully stocked  with all sorts of reading material for you to take home with you, so once the semester gets started, check our Calendar for events and office hours to come by and meet us!

SO, one of the big events that Pride Alliance helps out with is the annual GLBT Film Festival in Indiana, PA hosted by Indiana Cares Campaign to End Homophobia (ICC)  every Sunday in October. We have 1 student so far on the selection committee and one fill in. It would be nice if one more person is interested in sitting on the film selection committee; time requirements would be weekly meetings plus viewing many films over the monthof Sept. Email the Pride Office ASAP with your contact information and your class schedule (or whatever schedule you know as of now) so that they can take you into consideration when planning the meetings.

Now for what I really wanted to ask you about: the film selection committee looks at a wide variety of films from around the world. There are ALOT of films out there. SO, if you are interested (or just that bored) please surf the net in search of some films released THIS YEAR (maybe late 2008, too) that look interesting and send on your suggestions to us!

Lastly, I really wanted to share this article, because it gave me hope that I am not doomed to reliving the coming out horrors every time I want to see two men kiss on screen! It’s a new world folks!!!


Sundance 2009 marked a turning point in gay cinema — gay films that aren’t actually gay films… a “post-gay” response to the death of the coming-out movie.

By Corey Scholibo An exclusive article posted January 26, 2009

Have a  lovely day today!

Love,  Sarah


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  1. This is a review for a movie I read about in the Philadelphia Gay News.
    I’m Jovana btw, an incoming freshman.

    “And Then Came Lola”
    Featuring a raven-haired beauty named Lola racing through the city streets and against the clock, “And Then Came Lola” is a fun and funky homage to “Run, Lola, Run.” In this fabulous film, set in a beautiful San Francisco populated almost entirely by same-sex couples, the title character (Ashleigh Sumner) has to get photographs from her ex (Jessica Graham of “2 Minutes Later”) to her girlfriend Casey (Jill Bennett). Casey is giving them to her ex, Danielle (Cathy DeBuono), in hopes to land a job. And if first Lola doesn’t succeed, it’s try, try again.
    Like the German film on which it’s based, “And Then Came Lola” is formatted as a triptych, with different scenarios and outcomes all mirroring Lola’s internal struggle to commit to her relationship with Casey — or not. Writers/directors Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler are smart — and sassy — enough to blend in lesbian-relationship angst (as seen in a series of direct-address “therapy” sessions), as well as fantasy scenes and animation, to concoct a delightful romp that also raises questions about how these various women care for and about each other.

      Check out the trailer and info.

      Thank you for the lead!

      Jovana and all,

      We are planning on having a monthly movie night ( the films do not have to be 2008-09 like the Film Festival) so if you want to gather a few favorites or new titles for the group, that would be awesome.

  2. I would go to

    That movie has been playing on Logo lately and I think it’s a really fun movie. It’s not very popular, but it’s a lot like a gay(er) High School Musical. I like to think about it as the movie adaption of Xanadon’t.

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