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Update 4/23/09

Pride Alliance has completed an initial proposal outline. It is a compilation of most if not all ideas brought to the table in the Resource Center bi-weekly meetings. If anyone would like a copy of Proposal A, please email Sarah.

The University Commission on GLBT Issues is going to hold a brainstorming session at the beginning of this summer and is shooting to have comprehensive proposal that includes Pride’s recommendations within 2 months.

In the meanwhile, there is a lot that Pride can do to keep the momentum going. At the last GLBT Resource Center Retreat, an idea was floated that we can still start setting up a GLBT resource center through Pride even if we can’t get all the resources we need right away through the University. We have an office, a mini-library, a budget for next year, and are in the process of setting up a fully functional office with a paid part-time staff member.  Now we just need to start acting on the proposal that we created. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating a network of IUP services that pertain to Pride’s interests and goals
  • Creating a webpage of Online resources (research team needed for this task)
  • Creating the foundations for the programs we want to implement (programming committee needed)
  • Membership recruitment and retention (Membership Coordinator position)
  • Publicity and PR regarding the availability of our resources (Publicity Committee)
  • Office Hours staffed by Pride Members and Volunteers

Want to get involved? Contact Sarah or Amberlee!


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