Equality Advocates Pennsylvania is working hard to defeat SB 1250, the “Marriage Protection Amendment” (the Constitutional Amendment that would ban marriage for same-sex couples, civil unions and potentially more) and we need your help.

Please come to Harrisburg on May 5 and show our legislators that Pennsylvanians do not support writing discrimination into our state Constitution. Last session, we held the largest LGBT rally at the Capitol with more than 400 people in attendance.  Our goal this year is to have more than 500 Pennsylvanians attend.  We need you, your family, friends and neighbors to attend.

May 5:  Rally for All Families, Harrisburg – Capitol Rotunda 1:00 PM, Activist Training 11:00 – Location TBA

Join Equality Advocates Pennsylvania, the Value All Families Coalition and the Faith Coalition for Pennsylvania Families at a rally against the anti-family constitutional Amendment.  Legislators and organizations opposing SB 1250 will speak against the legislation and the media will be invited to cover the rally.

All attendees are encouraged to visit their legislators that dayThere will be a training session at 11:00 AM to discuss the legislation and visiting your elected officials.  The training location will be announced soon — please visit our website for an update on the location.

Visit your state Senator and Representative after the hearing and tell them you oppose the legislation.  To find out the name of your state legislators, visit our Legislator Locater — just enter your address, then click on the “state” tab above the legislators’ pictures.

There may be buses or vans from different areas of the state leaving that morning and due to arrive in Harrisburg in time for the training.  We have had very few requests for transportation at this time.  If you would like to transportation to the event, email Equality Advocates at info@equalitypa.org.

If you have any questions about the Rally for All Families or SB 1250 moving forward, contact me at ssobel@equalitypa.org or at (215) 731-1447 ext 11.  Thank you.



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