Call in and have your State Senators Oppose SB1250…AGAIN

Members of the Pennsylvania Senate are moving forward to pass a constitutional amendment to prohibit recognition of unmarried couples, and we need your help to stop this legislation!

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Senate Bill 1250, the “Marriage Protection Amendment,” out of committee by a 10-4 vote. This bill would define marriage as solely between one man and one woman, and prohibit civil unions, and potentially more.

The legislation now will go to the Senate Appropriations Committee before being voted on by the full Senate. We need you to call and e-mail your State Senator AND State Representative and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 1250! Even if you have done so already, they need to hear from every one of us again.

The other side has their supporters out in large numbers, calling every day, and we need our elected officials to know that more people stand for equality and are against writing discrimination into our State Constitution!

Please ask your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to call their legislators, too! Our opponents are calling in record numbers, and we need to make our voices heard!

To find your State Representative and State Senator’s contact information, click here.For more information on the Marriage Protection Amendment, visit the Equality Advocate’s website.  


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